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Work on the service and emergency tunnel (lots 1 and 2) begun in October 2010 has been suspended due to the contractor's serious failure to honour the agreed terms. In consequence, opening of the tunnel (scheduled for 2015/2016) will be delayed by at least one year.


On 5 April 1962, the Swiss and Italian firms in charge of Great St Bernard Tunnel excavation met in the very heart of the mountain. A little over 50 years later, at 11:02 on 6th July 2012, TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) "Isabelle" completed her task, boring through the mountain and finally breaking through the last layer of rock and appear on the Italian side.

By 31st January 2012, after a stop for maintenance work, the modern boring machine "Isabelle" had completed 4'000m excavation. Approximately 120'000m³ of excavation material has been removed from inside the tunnel by means of a conveyor belt and will be employed in the construction of avalanche barriers.

On 31st July 2011, TBM "Isabelle" had already reached the tunnel halfway mark, thus concluding 2'900m. "Isabelle"is not working inside the mountain alone. Cross passages connecting to the main tunnel are under construction while, on the south side, work is being carried out to extend the existing avalanche barriers, to stabilise the mountainside and prepare for the TBM's exit.

On 15th May 2011, the TBM completed the final two kilometres. The 5'774m service and emergency tunnel will be connected to the existing tunnel every 240m by a total of 23 cross passages. Completion  ofconstruction work, which is divided into 4 sets, is scheduled for 2015.

By 31st March 2011 modern TBM "Isabelle", imported from Canada to excavate the Great St Bernard service and emergency tunnel, had drilled through 1'500m of mountainside, that is, aquarter of the total 5'774m length. Work on the first cross passage linking the service and emergency tunnel to the main tunnel began in the last few days. Great attention is constantly paid to ensure the safety of drivers. In order to avoid inconveniencing customers, particularly difficult operations will take place during the nighttime.

On 1st October 2010, a Press Conference and Opening Ceremony of Works on the Service and Emergency Tunnel were held at the Great St Bernard Tunnel.

The Great St Bernard Tunnel, the first transalpine tunnel of its kind and vital link between north and south Europe, is pursuing its aim to improve safety by constructing a Service and Emergency Tunnel.


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